Weighted Fitness Hula Hoops – Where Can I Buy Hula Hoops for Exercise

fitness hula hoops large adults

I am asked many times, where can I buy hula hoops for exercise? People also are curious about the 1.5kg heavy padded hula hoops that are out in the market which are targeted for weight loss and fitness. When I started hooping I was swayed into buying one of these 1kg hoops which ended up feeling way too heavy and left my waist bruised. Hooping with these hoops only limited me to hula hooping on the waist which wasn’t exciting enough for me to continue.

where can i buy hula hoops for exerciseIt wasn’t until I bought my first proper dance hoop that the wonderful world of hoop dance stumbled upon my door and absolutely stole my heart! My new dance hoop allowed me to learn to explore hoop dance and learn all of these amazing moves which made me work up a sweat. I soon then realized that this is the perfect activity for me to keep in shape.

Hula Hoop Fitness is a fun way of exercising in a playful way. The hula hoop isn’t just a children’s toy,  If used correctly, it can be a fun tool to dance with, tone your entire body and trim your tummy. Check our our Fitness Hula Hoops Vs Standard Toy Hula Hoops comparison chart which gives you an indication of the size and weight of the Fitness Hoops. Continue reading Weighted Fitness Hula Hoops – Where Can I Buy Hula Hoops for Exercise

Choosing the Right Size Hula Hoop


It’s best that before ordering you pick a hoop size based on your ability. See Hula hoop profile and your body size below. We make hula hoops for adults and kids for sale in NSW, Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

A simple fact that will take you far If you are interested in a good workout, keep in mind that the lighter in weight the hoop is, the more calories you will burn, because you will need to work harder to keep the hoop up in revolution. Continue reading Choosing the Right Size Hula Hoop

How to Make a Hula Hoop in Australia


This Hula Hoop Making Tutorial by Smile Hoops in Queensland, Australia is so easy to follow and is exactly how I make my hula hoops. They are guaranteed to be durable and strong.

There are so many tutorials online which are from the US which leaves us here in Australia a little confused and lost as our friends over in the US have completely different standard pipe sizes and fittings available. So here is a great guide to making a professional dance and fitness hula hoops in Australia. Continue reading How to Make a Hula Hoop in Australia

Christmas Wreath Hula Hoop


There are many ways to recycle your old hula hoops, or craft them in to something fun whilst your not using them.

As Christmas approaches, i’ve been preparing my Christmas decorations and decided to recycle one of my older hoops into a Christmas Wreath, it looks great on our wall near our tree and i’m excited to share with you instructions on how I made and crafted it. So lets jolly up your front door and get your home into the swing of Christmas :-) Continue reading Christmas Wreath Hula Hoop

Applying Physics to Hula Hooping

Have you spent time this summer spinning a Hula-Hoop around your waist or arm? Could you do it easily or was it difficult? Have you ever wondered how Hula-Hoops work or what makes them able to spin around a person’s waist or arm—seeming to defy gravity? The answer can be explained by physics, which can help you determine what makes an effective Hula-Hoop. In this activity you’ll get to create your own Hula-Hoops and investigate how their weights affect how they spin. Which do you think will spin better, a heavy hoop or a lighter one? Get ready to do some hula-hooping to find out! Continue reading Applying Physics to Hula Hooping

World Hoop Day 2013

World Hoop Day

World Hoop day is all about hooping for peace, its held on the first Saturday of October and on this day we are all encouraged to get together and hoop to celebrate and appreciate this fun and life changing activity which brings so many people together and brings such big smiles to our faces! Continue reading World Hoop Day 2013

Pink is a Hooper!

Pink hangs on to a hula-hoop while riding her bike and enjoying some time on the boardwalk in Los Angeles

I had the great pleasure recently in going to watch P!NK at All Phones Arena in Sydney during her World Tour and boy was i blown away. No only does she have an incredible voice,  but she manages to keep it sounding great as she hang off cages and amazingly swings overhead the audience. I wasn’t long into  her show that i was awe smacked. Continue reading Pink is a Hooper!