How to Make a Hula Hoop in Australia


This Hula Hoop Making Tutorial by Smile Hoops in Queensland, Australia is so easy to follow and is exactly how I make my hula hoops. They are guaranteed to be durable and strong.

There are so many tutorials online which are from the US which leaves us here in Australia a little confused and lost as our friends over in the US have completely different standard pipe sizes and fittings available. So here is a great guide to making a professional dance and fitness hula hoops in Australia.

Expense in making your own hula hoop

The costs involved in making a medium weight adult hoop using materials from your local Australian hardware store:

  • 3m precut length of 20mm HDPE blue line pipe – $7
  • 3m precut length of 16mm HDPE pipe – $7 (cut a 15cm piece to use as a joiner)
  • Selley’s Plastics Glue* – $7 (the only glue on the market that works on PE type plastics)
  • Two rolls of electrical tape – $5 – you can also use shiney prism or smooth hula hoop tapes in Australia through this site, or check out a huge range of hoop tape at Pretty Sticky

TOTAL = $26

Whilst the glue works quite well, it can come apart so a better option is to rivet the joiner in place, for which you need a rivet gun, rivets and a drill which adds to the expense.

Thanks Smile Hoops for this hoop making tutorial! :-D You can read it here:

Get your hands on the following materials to make your Hula Hoop:

– 20mm blue line waterpipe*
– 10-15cm 16mm pipe
– Ratcheting plastic pipe cutter
– Drill
– Blind rivert gun
– Rivets (I use size 4.4)

* You can buy this in 3m lengths from ‘big box’ hardware stores. Three metre is perfect for a standard size hoop.

1. Measure from the floor to your hip and multiply by 3.14. Cut a piece this length from the 20mm pipe. If you want a slightly bigger (easier to use) hoop measure to your belly button instead of your hip).


2. Insert the 16mm pipe halfway into one end of the 3m length of pipe, then insert the rest of the 16mm pipe into the other end of the 3m pipe.


3. Drill a hole approx 2cm from the join and use your rivet gun to fix the two pieces of pipe together.


4. Flip the hoop over and do the same on the other side.


5. Tape your hoop.


6. Done



  • If you want to make a larger ‘dance’ style hoop buy 25mm pipe instead and make your joiner out of 20mm pipe.
  • If you don’t have access to a drill and rivet gun you can use glue to fix the joiner into the hoop. The only glue on the consumer market that works with PE type plastics is “Selley’s Plastics Glue”.
  • The easiest and cheapest tape to get hold of is electrical tape. My favourite is 3M brand as it’s thicker, stronger and has nicer colours than the cheapie brand electrical tapes. My favourite Australian hoop tape seller is Hula Hoop Tape Australia.
  • When you travel it’s worth checking out stationers, art supplies and hardware stores. I’ve picked up some great low-cost tapes in the US, Japan and Thailand. Interestingly, while the standard colours for electrical tape in Australia are black, white and the primaries, the standard colours for electrical tape in the US include purple and orange. Awesome. Pretty colours for not much coin :)

Sourced from: Smile Hoops

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