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I remember my first attempt at making a dance hoop and taping hula hoops, not only was the hula hoop wonky and eventually fell apart but the tape decorating was atrocious! I started out thinking ‘Hey this should be easy’ until I soon realised 2 minutes in that I needed more practice – and really that’s what will help you with your hoop tape wrapping skills – practice, patience and lets not forget to mention, lots of hula hoop tape! Today I thought I’d share some valuable tips which helped me master hoop making, hoping that it will help you in your hoop crafting too.taping hula hoops

I now can tape a hula hoop by just eyeing it, which at first was a real nuance. In order to get a perfectly taped hula hoop, I recommend chalking or marking the the tube with chalk, or an Artline pen. Grab a tape measurer, mark off 2 or 4 centimetre sections, then according to how far you want your tape spaced lay your tape at the chalk marks. Once you have your first layer of tape down the next few should be easier to eye.

Always remember to lay metallics and mirror hoop tapes first, they need the gaffer grip tape or vinyl hoop tape to seal them in and ensure a good grip. I recommend that you put your vinyl / electric / insulation tape and gaffer grip tape on last. Another tip, the colour vinyl you want the most of should be the last one you lay down last. (but before the grip tape). Make sure that you play with different angles when hula hoop taping.

It is also important for you to find the most comfortable way of hoop taping of you. it may be easier for you to tape from the inside of the hoop where some people find it easier to tape from the outside, some people like to tape from above, while I like to tape from the side of the hula hoop. Most importantly, take your time, don’t be afraid to go slow, and take sections of hula hoop tape off if it doesn’t look quite right, you may loose money in product, but you will be able to make a smoothly taped, shiny hula hoop ready to take out for a spin.

Let me know how you go. Enjoy your hoop crafting 🙂

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