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Adult Beginner Dance Hula Hoops

A huge range of colourful adult dance hula hoops which are perfect for on-body hula hoop dance as well as being the perfect hula hoop for beginners learn to hula hoop. (95cm diameter | 20mm thick)

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Travel Adult Hula Hoops

Perfect for the hooper on the go. These travel hula hoops will fit into your handbag! (95cm diameter | 20mm thick)

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Adult Fitness Hula Hoops

Great hula hoops for waist hula hooping and core conditioning or if you are wider around the mid section (100cm diameter | 25mm think)

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Poly Pro Hula Hoops

Ultra light springy Polypro hula hoops feel like they are almost weightless – great for off body hula hooping (85cm diameter | 19mm thick)

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Kids Hula Hoops

Durable quality kids hula hoops that won’t break! Pretty sparkly designs (two options – 76cm diameter & 85cm diameter

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Intermediate Adult Hula Hoops

For hoopers who are confident hula hooping or hoopers with petite frames (85cm diameter)

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