Learn foot hooping hula hoop trick tutorial

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learn foot hooping

Have you ever tried to learn foot hooping and found it to be quite the challenge? Don’t worry you are not alone, hundreds of new hula hoopers who are learning to hula hoop experience the same difficulty with foot hooping that’s for sure!

In my personal experience, I found that foot hooping took me a good few weeks if not months to perfect, so make sure you stay focused and continue practicing – I promise, it will just click one day and before you know it you will be a foot hooping expert!

Now days, I find foot hooping to be super meditative and feel that it is also a major workout for your legs and core. In this tutorial, I break it all down and give you some tips and hints on what you can do to keep the hula hoop in orbit whilst above you on your elevated foot.

To begin we learn how to keep the hula hoop in orbit with just one foot. Once we’re comfortable with that we will practice the other foot. Its important to start with this so that it allows us to get comfortable with passing the hula hoop over to the other foot.

This bring us to learning how to pass the hula hoop from foot to foot, as well as learning to pass the hoop onto halo or lasso onto your foot, then handing the hoop back onto your hand to continue onto halo or lasso.

Once you get comfortable with this, I encourage you to practice daily and be sure to get creative and incorporate it into your hoop dance practice.

Please let me know if you’re having difficulties, I’d love to help you out. Have  fun with foot hooping! Thank you for your comments and sharing this hula hoop tutorial