Bare, Untaped Intermediate Adult Hula Hoops 85cm

Bare, Untaped Intermediate Adult Hula Hoops 85cm


confused about hula hoop sizing?

Ideal for petite framed beginners, on and off body hooping and more experienced hoopers

(85cm diameter | 20mm thick  | weights approx 370g)

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Hula Hoops Australia


Bare, blank un-taped hula hoops – undecorated hoops for decorating.

Craft and create your own hula hoop using hoop tape. 20mm thick PEX Blueline Piping. These untaped hoops are joined for a solid connection

Hula hoop fitness and hoop dance is a great way of maintaining your fitness and a great form of movement which keeps challenging your co-ordination and balance.

All of the hula hoops that I make are handmade with love and care in Sydney Australia.

New to hula hooping? Learn to Hula Hoop

My entire hula hooping classes online will have you hooping around your waist, hips, chest, shoulders, knees, feet in no time, you will also learn a load of hula hoop tricks and learn to use your hoop as a dance and fitness tool. Have a sneak peak and view all the hula hooping classes. Come and learn to hoop dance!

Hula hoops Australia | quality, durable dance hoops with grip tape hand made and hand crafted in Sydney Australia.

Additional information

Weight0.370 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 4 cm


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