Hula Hooping Classes for Beginners Online & Downloadable Learn to Hula Hoop

Hula Hooping Classes for Beginners Online & Downloadable Learn to Hula Hoop


Instant Access and Yours Forever. Learn to Hula Hoop Dance. OVER 40 Lessons totaling 8 hours which you can access by streaming or downloading, anytime anywhere.

View Hula Hoop Class Curriculum and Lessons
Learn hula hoop dance. Reduce stress, experience more joy and increase your physical fitness through this beautiful and freely accessible movement.

Tone your entire body and trim your tummy. Hula Hoop Dance is a fun way of exercising in a playful way.

You will be hula hooping around your waist, hips, chest, shoulders, knees and feet in no time. My Hula hooping for beginners classes covers a collection of hoop dance moves and beginner foundations, it is an excellent place to start your hoop dance practice and offers advanced techniques for each move to help you grow. I cover the necessary techniques with you combining on body and off body moves which you will get you sweating, dancing and having fun whilst exercising.

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(13 customer reviews)


View Hula Hoop Class Curriculum and Lessons

Hey hooper! Thanks for viewing my hula hoop classes course which I bring to you from sydney, Australia. My hooping classes course contains 6 modules and 41 lessons covering the absolute beginner foundations of hula hooping and hoop dance. My hooping classes contain the necessary hula hooping foundations to give you the skills to kick start your hooping journey. By the end of this beginner hooping course you will have learnt how to hula hoop around your waist with full confidence and control. You will learn how to stand correctly whilst hula hooping to allow maximum posture and support. You will learn to save when it falls and more importantly sustain relaxed movements while practicing a full body workout with your dance hoop.

Together with a large range of on-body hoop moves as well as loads of off body hoop dance moves, at the end of the modules we celebrate by combining the hoop moves together into a hoop dance flow session.

As you work through these hoop dance classes with me one by one, I want you to be aware that practice is key to learning hooping so make sure to be patient with yourself and more importantly relax and have fun with it. Hooping is about moving freely with your hoop and bringing play into your daily practice so leave any self criticisms behind and lets learn to hoop.

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13 reviews for Hula Hooping Classes for Beginners Online & Downloadable Learn to Hula Hoop

  1. Merilyn

    Very helpful! I had a great time learning to hoop and now you’ve got me hooked on hula hooping!!!! ?

  2. Petahooper

    Great course! Thank you Maria ? Yes I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn hula hooping

  3. Moniqeee

    Thank you Maria! I have found your classes very easy to follow, i especially like the way you focus into the moves in slow motion from different angles, Thanks

  4. Bec

    I’m half way through the beginners course and I’m REALLY loving to hoop!! Thanks for your help Maria

  5. KerrieFerguerro

    Thank you!! I’m getting there! Still wobbly but coming around. I love it how you break it down and explain it so well. Cheers! X

  6. Sammi-dee

    It has taken me weeks to learn shoulder hooping. I finally had a breakthrough today!! Yeepppeee! So grateful for your classes miss Mitchell x

  7. Jean Burkett

    Thank u for this! ur classes really did help me. I’m still not 100% yet but practising almost everyday. I do recommend

  8. Katie Archer

    Thank you! I can now hula hoop dance! Your lessons were great. Thanks Maria xx

    • Maria Mitchell

      Thanks Katie, so glad you enjoyed the course. Much love, Maria

  9. Velvet-Louise

    Thank you! I now can officially hoop dance ? You explain each move in great detail which helped me a heap. Thanks again ?

    • Maria Mitchell

      Thank you for your feedback I’m so glad to hear ?

  10. Ivy (verified owner)

    Hooping makes me so happy! Thank you so much for making my first hoop for me and for having lessons that were easy to understand!! ❤

    • Maria Mitchell

      It warms my heart that hooping makes you happy! Thanks for your feedback xx

  11. Mea Fisher (verified owner)

    I LOVE your classes, Ive been hooping to your videos a few months now and I’ve gotten through WAIST HULA HOOPING & HAND HOOPING so far. I couldn’t even hoop a year ago! You are a great teacher! Can’t wait to get better!
    Thanks again…:D

  12. Olga Masu

    I really enjoyed learning and you explain each step so well, i’m so glad to have purchased your course. Thank you Maria

  13. Mali (verified owner)

    I’m half way through and am stoked with your classes. I couldn’t have learnt what I know now without your classes. Big thank you!!!!!!

    • Maria Mitchell

      Aww! Mali I’m so glad that my lessons have helped you 💖💖

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