Hula Hooping Workout (40 min) Hula Hoop Workout

Hula Hooping Workout (40 min) Hula Hoop Workout


Instant Access and Yours Forever. Hula hoop workout is packed with great hula hooping fitness moves 40 minutes of a fun workout which you can access by streaming or downloading, anytime anywhere.

Tone your entire body and trim your tummy. Hula Hoop workouts are a fun way of exercising in a playful way.

You will be hula hooping around your waist as well as mixing it up with other hula hoop workout moves and most importantly having fun whilst exercising.

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Thanks for joining me on this hula hooping workout. I began hula hooping for fun over 10 years ago. I then discovered hula hoop dance and became very enthused. As I learnt to hula hoop, I discovered some hula hooping workouts online which inspired me to make a commitment to move my body each morning. I adopted all of these hula hooping fitness workouts and as a result of doing them each morning I began feeling great and losing some excess weight that I was carrying. I now want to share the combination of hula hooping workout moves which helped me become a healthier me.

Together with a large range of on-body hoop moves as well as some basic workout moves, this hula hoop workout brings a lot of fun and joy which makes exercising fun.

As you work through this hula hoop workout make sure that you are patient with yourself and more importantly relax and have fun with it.

3 reviews for Hula Hooping Workout (40 min) Hula Hoop Workout

  1. Tash

    Thank you Maria! I am working out with you each morning when i can and love your hula hoop workout highly recommend

    • Maria Mitchell

      So glad you enjoy them! Thank you for your feedback xx

    • Maria Mitchell

      So glad for you 😊 thanks for taking the time to review

  2. Julie P

    I am doing your hula hoop exercises most nights and i am enjoying it very much thank you

  3. Holly

    Thank you! I do your workout most mornings and love it

    • Maria Mitchell

      Thanks Holly, glad you enjoy my hula hoop workout! Appreciate your review xx

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