Hula Hooping Workout & Fitness Hoop Pack (40 min Workout)

Hula Hooping Workout & Fitness Hoop Pack (40 min Workout)


Hula Hoop Workout 40 Minutes of Fun!

This hula hoop workout pack will give you access to stream and download my hula hooping workout as well as a Fitness Hula Hoop of your choice.

(100cm diameter fitness hula hoop | 25mm thick  | weights approx 530g)


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Hula Hoop Workout Pack

This fun 40 minute Hula Hoop Fitness workout video class online is the perfect hula hooping work out if you are looking for something fun, varied and different to your traditional workout. During my hula hooping workout it is recommended that you use one of my Fitness Hula Hoops which are just the right size and weight for keeping the hula hoop in orbit as well as keeping your heart rate up for a maximum workout.

My hula hooping workout starts off with gentle stretches which will prepare you and get your body moving. These hula hoop workout moves are basic and with practice you will be perfecting them in no time.

Additional information

Weight0.520 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 4 cm
Hula Hoop Designs

Amethyst Jewel, Angel, Black Moon, Blue Bird, Cherry Lips, Forest Dew, Lilac Kisses, Peacock, Purple Haze, Spark, Summer Peaches, Sunrise, Sweet Cheeks, Sweet Sensation, Tingle, Whizz Fizz


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