New Hooper Starter Pack (Hoop & Online Course) $59.95

New Hooper Starter Pack (Hoop & Online Course) $59.95


Beginner hula hooper starter pack deal $50 (SAVE $15!)

View Hula Hoop Class Curriculum and Lessons

You get 1x beginner dance hula hoop of your choice, see designs below ($35) + receive my hula hooping classes for beginners (online stream or download) for ONLY $15 (NORMALLY $30)

Over 40 Lessons totaling 8hrs which you can access by streaming or downloading, anytime anywhere.

This is the ultimate new hooper starter pack which will have you hooping around your waist, hips, shoulders, chest, knees and feet in no time! This pack will give you access to stream and download my entire hula hooping for beginners course as well as a beginner dance hoop of your choice.

(95cm diameter | 20mm thick  | weights approx 390-400g)


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Hula Hoop Classes Starter Pack

This is the ultimate beginner dance hula hoop and hula hoop classes pack  which will kick start you into learning a wide range of on body and off body beginner hula hooping tricks and moves. Your new beginners dance hoop will allow you to help keep the hula hoop in orbit as you learn all of the necessary hula hooping foundations. These hula hoop classes are a step-by-step guide, teaching you all of the fab hula hooping moves that you need to know as a beginner to grow.

Hula hooping is a great way of maintaining your fitness and a great form of movement which keeps challenging your co-ordination. Hula Hoops Australia make quality dance hula hoops which will last you a long time without breaking. or coming apart.

Your beginner hula hoop is decorated with grip tape to help your hula hoop grip to your clothes as you spin it up, this prevents your hula hoop from easily slipping down as you hula hoop. All of the hula hoops that I make are handmade and hand crafted with love and care here in Sydney Australia.

I have no doubt that you will enjoy learning to hula hoop!

Additional information

Weight0.370 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 4 cm
Hula Hoop Designs

Amethyst Jewel, Angel, Black Cat, Black Moon, Blue Bird, Cherry Lips, Forest Dew, Lilac Kisses, Peacock, Purple Haze, Spark, Summer Peaches, Sunrise, Sweet Cheeks, Sweet Sensation, Tingle

1 review for New Hooper Starter Pack (Hoop & Online Course) $59.95

  1. Jaqui

    Its amazing what an appropriately sized hoop can do for my confidence- having fun like a girl; hopefully I can distract two year old from my fancy hoop.

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