Purple Haze Hula Hoop Adult Beginner Dance 95cm

Purple Haze Hula Hoop Adult Beginner Dance 95cm


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Ideal for Beginners and on-body hooping

(95cm diameter | 20mm thickย  | weights approx 390-400g)

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Hula Hoops Australia


Ideal for beginner hula hoopers and on-body hula hoop dance as my dance hoops are lightly weighted hula hoops. My quality, durable dance hula hoops with grip tape hand made and hand crafted in Sydney Australia.

This shiney dance hula hoop will make you jump out of your chair and get your hoop moves on! Hula hoop fitness and hoop dance is a great way of maintaining your fitness and a great form of movement which keeps challenging your co-ordination and balance.

These hula hoops for sale are decorated with grip tape to help your beginner dance hoop grip to your clothes or skin as you spin it up into your hoop dance practice, this prevents your hula hoop from easily slipping down as you hoop.ย All of the hula hoops that I make are handmade and hand crafted with love and care in Sydney Australia.

New to hula hooping? Learn to Hula Hoop

My entire hula hooping classes online will have you hooping around your waist, hips, chest, shoulders, knees, feet in no time, you will also learn a load of hula hoop tricks and learn to use your hoop as a dance and fitness tool. Have a sneak peak and view all the hula hooping classes. Come and learn to hoop dance!

Hula hoops Australia | quality, durable dance hoops with grip tape hand made and hand crafted in Sydney Australia.

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Weight0.370 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 4 cm

1 review for Purple Haze Hula Hoop Adult Beginner Dance 95cm

  1. Adele

    It has been three months since I bought this hoop, and I love it. I didn’t review sooner because after a week of hooping, I knew I was planning on buying another one so I figured I’d wait ’til then. The colours are beautiful and it is easy to work with; after a few weeks I noticed that the hoop became a bit more springy/responsive — it might have to do with the fact that it was inside during winter and the heater was going — which was perfect for the off-body moves I was starting to get into. While the tape is a little bit peeled, the hoop is perfectly intact, and I still use it like there’s no tomorrow.

    Perfect hoop for beginners :).

    • Maria Mitchell

      Hi Adele, Thanks for your feedback, glad you’re enjoying your hoop practice with this hoop ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of the time the hoop tape scratches if you are hooping on concrete, check out my info here about ‘hoop maintenance’ and caring for your hoop I’m so glad that you’re starting off body moves, they are real fun! You are doing amazing <3 xx

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