Storing your Hula Hoops and Maintenance

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Dance and Fitness Hoops are big and can be quite awkward to carry around, transport and store. There are a few pointers to keep in mind for maintaining that nice circular shape of your hula hoops.

1. Keep your hula hoop flat

Storing your hoop upright leaning against a wall or another object can cause it to lose its circular shape, especially if it is located in a warm environment. Consider storing your hula hoops flat on the ground to help maintain its shape.

2. Never keep your hula hoops leaning upright in your car in the hot sun

Avoid putting your hula hoop in extreme heat.  Leaving a hula hoop in a car in the hot sun for long periods of time will do damage to your hoop that could be permanent. I can totally understand that leaving hoops in the car gives us a great deal of convenience, especially when you’re lagging around a large bunch of hula hoops, however, there is nothing worse than hooping with a warped wobbly hula hoop so make sure you keep this one in mind.

3. Hula Hoop Recovery / Reshaping

If your hula hoop has been warped and is not round, try using your hands to round out the area.  Another option is to place the hoop sitting flat on the ground in the sun or a flat slab of some sort for half a day.  The heat will make the hoop more malleable and usually will be easier to mold or will shape itself back to where it should be.

Be gentle with your hula hoops, pulling too hard on your hoop or squashing it will damage the hoop and possibly break it at the connector, my hula hoops are all riveted which makes it almost impossible for them to come apart at the connector, however extremely rough treatment may cause some damage.

Hula Hoop Care and Maintenance

Best surface to use your  hula hoop is on a grassy or carpeted surface to avoid scrapes and marks on the hoop tape.  It is handmade and the tape is delicate so it will get damaged if used on hard surfaces such as driveways, gravel, concrete and asphalt.

Cleaning your hula hoop:
A slightly damp sponge or washcloth with a small amount of soap is the best way to get smudges off. Be careful not to use anything abrasive on decorative tapes. I find sometimes just wiping the hoop with water on a paper towel or face cloth works fine.  If the hoop gets too wet, the tape can slide off, so use sparingly.

Most of all make sure you keep up your daily practice have fun 🙂

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  1. Hi, I received my hoop today and it was delivered and left at the door with the bubble wrap torn, leaving the beautiful tapes with a 200mm tear. I love it but would like to fix this tear, do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

    1. Thats a real bummer Janine, so sorry to hear that the posties weren’t kind with your hoop whilst delivering 🙁 can you please text me an image of the damage and i can send you some hoop tape to cover it? My number is 0404 240 091 🙂 hope this helps.

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