Beginner Hula Hoop Dance Routine

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Hi Hula Hoopers! Here’s a simple Beginners hula hooping routine which will get you flowing into into a hoop dance groove. It consists of basic hula hooping moves and tricks which are easy to learn. During this hula hoop class you will also learn how to transition from one hula hoop trick to the next smoothly.

The Hula Hoop I’m using is a polypro hoop which is 85cm in diameter. You could also use one of my 85cm Hula Hoops as well as my 95cm Dance Hula Hoops to learn this beginners hoop dance combo.

If you are new to hula hooping and want to learn more, I have a complete beginners hula hooping course which is easy to follow. It offers step by step instructions and it is yours to stream or download.

Once you are familiar with this routine you can mix it in with your daily hula hoop practice. Enjoy 🙂

Palm Spin Hoop Trick Tutorial

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There is something very empowering about being able to master a hula hoop trick. As much as I encourage new hula hooper’s to experiment and learn hula hoop tricks on and off body, I am a big advocate of encouraging people to learn all of the basics of hula hooping when starting out so that you can feel comfortable about switching from one hula hooping move to another.

This allows for you to flow all of your hula hooping tricks together effortlessly Having said this, I can’t deny the magic one feels when they have finally, after a lot of practice mastered a hula hoop trick.

The Palm Spin hula hoop trick is definitely a favorite for me, I just love adding this one in between switching from vertical to horizontal plane and vice versa. The Palm Spin makes a great way to create the illusion the hoop is spinning around your hand. It is a great hoop move to transition into on body hooping or off body hooping as you are able to move straight into vertical or horizontal plane.

Before you grab your hula hoop and have a good crack at this one, I recommend practicing balancing the hoop on your palm along with taking these steps to performing the palm spin. In this Palm Spin hoop trick tutorial we go from vertical hand hooping straight onto an open palm spin.

Hope you enjoy it ! xx