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Lets face it, life can get pretty jam packed and busy with not enough time for play, so what better way to escape than to escape on a holiday with your travel hula hoops 🙂

When it comes to planing a holiday or your travels, as a hula hooper it is essential that you get yourself a instant collapsible travel hula hoop which you can travel with your hoop comfortably and safely while flying.


Collapsible Travel Hula Hoop as Carry On Luggage

A six part collapsible travel hoop which is what we offer here on our site can be easily strapped to the side of your backpack or carry on luggage. I recommend that you check with the airline that you are travelling with to find what dimensions they allow on-board. These travel hula hoops are great because once collapsed they are small, and easy to manage as you travel, in addition you will not run the risk of being charged for over sized luggage.

travel hula hoops buy australiaOur travel hula hoops which are made and designed here in Australia when collapsed are 50cm long by about 12cm in height which in most instances can fit into a carry on luggage bag which goes into the overhead compartments. I would also suggest that you keep them wrapped and protected, I usually use a towel or a tote bag which is more than sufficient.

During check-in or after landing at your travel destination, security may ask you about your travel hoops and may want to inspect them closely. I usually make light of the situation, give them a smile and say ‘They’re just hula hoops”.

Travel Hula Hoops in Undercarriage of Airline.

When checking your travel hoop into the under carriage of the airline, you must make sure that you bag and cover your hoops as oppose to just having them loosely strapped to your luggage as the airline might decline your travel hula hoops or may want you to sign a damage waiver as they will appear un-padded and covered.

You want to make sure that your travel experience with hoops goes as smoothly as possible so by following the above pointers might save you the hassle of having your travel hoops declined or making the check in process take longer than usual.

I hope you enjoy travelling with our travel hoops and make sure you post some pics onto our Hoops Alive facebook page.


Bon Voyage 🙂

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