Weighted Fitness Hula Hoops – Where Can I Buy Hula Hoops for Exercise

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I am asked many times, where can I buy hula hoops for exercise? People also are curious about the 1.5kg heavy padded hula hoops that are out in the market which are targeted for weight loss and fitness. When I started hooping I was swayed into buying one of these 1kg hoops which ended up feeling way too heavy and left my waist bruised. Hooping with these hoops only limited me to hula hooping on the waist which wasn’t exciting enough for me to continue.

where can i buy hula hoops for exerciseIt wasn’t until I bought my first proper dance hoop that the wonderful world of hoop dance stumbled upon my door and absolutely stole my heart! My new dance hoop allowed me to learn to explore hoop dance and learn all of these amazing moves which made me work up a sweat. I soon then realized that this is the perfect activity for me to keep in shape.

Hula Hoop Fitness is a fun way of exercising in a playful way. The hula hoop isn’t just a children’s toy,Β  If used correctly, it can be a fun tool to dance with, tone your entire body and trim your tummy. Check our our Fitness Hula Hoops Vs Standard Toy Hula Hoops comparison chart which gives you an indication of the size and weight of the Fitness Hoops.

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Have fun and get fit! My hula hoop workout is super fun and an intense workout.

Burn up to 70-100 calories in 10 minutes!

A recent study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) revealed that working out with a weighted hula hoop burns about as many calories per minute as step aerobics, boot camp, or very brisk walking! Read the full research report about exercising with a fitness hula hoop here.

Results you’ll enjoy with my slightly weighted Fitness Hula Hoops:

  • Great cardio workout – burns calories
  • Tones and shapes your abs and waist
  • Strengthens muscles in your core and back
  • Improves balance, posture and flexibility

Shape your waistline with a weighted Fitness Hula Hoop! Hooping with a fitness hula hoop for 10-20 minutes a day will whittle your waist and give visible definition.

Buy a Fitness Weighted Hula Hoop for AdultsWeighted fitness hula hoops for adults

The video below Hoopnotica Master Trainer Jacqui Becker teaches us how to enjoy a hula hoop fitness work out by showing us three moves to blast our belly fat and tighten our core with a hula hoop. It’s much easier than it looks and within a few minutes, you won’t want to stop hula hooping!

2 thoughts on “Weighted Fitness Hula Hoops – Where Can I Buy Hula Hoops for Exercise

  1. thanks for sharing. I love hula hooping as it really helps in trimming your waist being in shape. Plus it is so much fun to do.

    1. So glad you enjoy it! Thanks for your feedback x

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