Why Buy My Handmade Hula Hoops?

hand made hula hoops australiaThere are so many reasons to consider handmade hula hoops sourced by a local hula hoop maker over and above mass produced and imported hula hoops, here are a few:

  • Handmade and custom made hula hoops are made specifically to suit your height (it is ideal that your hula hoop comes up to your belly button as you hold it up vertically from the ground)
  • Handmade hula hoops have grip tape applied to its design so that the hula hoop does not slip easily down your body as you keep it in orbit
  • Buying handmade from local hula hoop makers means you are supporting local small businesses and in-turn our local economy.
  • Handmade hula hoops are often one of a kind and very unique, something mass producers can’t afford to offer you.
  • Handmade hula hoops are made with love, care and attention to detail.
  • Buying from local Australian based hoop makers reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Handmade = quality, products are tested usually by the designer themselves and as their name and reputation goes with that product you can rest assured it is quality.
  • Handmade products = value for money, you don’t pay for wholesalers or middle men you pay for the product only.

If you’re unsure of what size hula hoop is right for you, read my article on choosing the right hula hoop

I’m a local hula hoop maker and hula hooper based in Sydney Australia and ship my hand made hoops all over Australia including Brisbane, QLD, Queensland, Melbourne, VIC, Victoria, Perth, Western Australia, WA, Adelaide, SA, South Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, Sydney, Canberra, ACT, and world-wide. Support our local hoop makers :-)

What happy customers say:

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Joanna Lesley
Joanna Lesley
If you’re wondering whether to buy a hula hoop from Maria then take my advice and DO IT!! Maria is a total sweetheart and her hoops are a work of art. I adore mine, I want ten more. It’s sparkly and pretty and sturdy and light and you definitely should purchase your hoop from her.
Anne Courtney Neil
Anne Courtney Neil
Most incredible purchase! The colours and pattern it is like the ocean is swirling around while playing. This was a gift for my partners birthday and she absolutely adores her new hoop. Thanks so much you are a talented artist creating beauty that makes people smile. A.
Teresa Janet Nation
Teresa Janet Nation
Love love all the hoops that Maria has made for me, including my new opal hoop. OMG love it.
Cassandra McMillan
Cassandra McMillan
Connie Cunningham
Connie Cunningham
Maria make the most incredible travelling hoops, not only functional but absolutely beautiful and perfectly weighted. I recently travelled for 7 weeks overseas and whilst on tour, I assembled my hoop at each destination in just 60 seconds and was ready for my hooping workout, what a great way to keep fit whilst eating & drinking your way around europe, in fact I returned home 2kgs lighter, thanks Maria ��
Sarah Morice
Sarah Morice
I bought a travel hoop a couple of years ago and still travel and use it where ever I go! I'm very happy with it and will definitely buy more hoops from Maria!
Claire McKeown
Claire McKeown
Great service and my daughter absolutely loves her hoops.Thank you Maria 😃
Elisha Angel Mitchell
Elisha Angel Mitchell
I bought my first 2 hoops from this shop and are super happy with the purchase! I have bought a couple more hoops since then but love my HoopsAlive hoops and use them all of the time! There was a shipping issue but it was sorted ASAP and all issues were resolved in a speedy and pleasant matter 🙂
Leah Madden
Leah Madden
My hoop arrived today and I'm so happy with it. I had a few questions since purchasing and have got a quick response every time. Will buy from again.
Emma Smith
Emma Smith
I purchased Maria's online hooping course and I found it so useful! Maria explains things in real detail, I'm so grateful to have more confidence in my hooping skills. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Why Buy My Handmade Hula Hoops?

  1. Hi,
    I’m 180cm tall, and I would love to start excercizing with the hula hoop, but I don’t think there are any hula hoops that come up to my belly button. 🙁

    1. Hi Faye, thanks for getting in touch. My 100cm Fitness hoops should be what you’re after if you’re only wanting it for waist hooping 🙂

  2. Hi
    I am 165cm. Looking for a beginner hula hoop to do some waist fitness. How long would it take to ship it to Esperance WA and cost of shipping and which kind should I look at? Dance. fitness. taped. weighted? Never done it before but it is my new challenge for 2017 and it is already March!!!
    Thanks to advise me on the best one and I will support Australian make and reduce carbon footprint (although Sydney to Esperance is quite a way). Could have it shipped to Perth if you think it is cheaper. Thanks for your time.

  3. I asked for cane hulahoops

    1. Hi This, I don’t stock any can hula hoops. I’m not sure where you could find them. Have you tried searching ebay? All the best xx

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